one of the established taska and tadika in putrajaya & cyberjaya

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iKids- childcare, preschool, kindergarten, tadika, taska @ Cyberjaya and Putrajaya

Call us today at  03-88930877 (Ikids putrajaya) 0r 03-83209613 (ikids cyberjaya) .
We are located at  Precinct 8, Putrajaya & shaftsbury square, cyberjaya

​ikids Putrajaya & Cyberjaya, Child Care and Kindergarten

Montessori is one of approaches we practice at iKids. The main objective is for the children to reach their full potential in all areas of life.

​At iKids, the curriculum focuses on five areas which are practical life, sensorial, basic arithmetic, language and literacy and cultural subjects.

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We are all about nurturing children. Means that all good values such as creativity, curiosity and play-oriented learning are encouraged and cherished. 

We also help children to explore their world by hands-on activities using Montessori approaches with good characters are thought by examples.

For 5 and 6 years old programmes, our focus is to prepare those children for the primary school environment.

Our academic programmes cover crucial areas of children development such as physical development, socio-emotional, cognitive development etc. 

At iKids, learning and playing are balanced. Our nurturing programs are all about children readiness. 

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Our Philosophy

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